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    I think that one thing that is pretty good is wet wipes! Those little hand towels can be used to clean ANYTHING, so versatile! Also bring hand towels too! Just some stuff that I know now I bring!
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    The largest club on campus is Christian Inter-varsity.  With approximately 200 students involved regularly it is a very large and active student organization.  They do lots of stuff from bible study to community service.  Nursing club is actually the 2nd largest club on campus.  They are a very active organization as well.

    Carroll students consisten...
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    Hi Anysa,
    Great question.  Here is a link http:// that gives you some items to think about bringing.  Hopefully this will help.
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to put out that I’m currently looking for a roommate and if anyone is interested I would love to get to know more of you! My contact info is on my intro so feel free to message me :)
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    Hello everyone,

    ​I am sure this question has already been answered in some way through some thread but I can't find the answer!!

    ​Is there anything that you guys might think be a total must have for living in a dorm?
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    Hey Malorie, It is awesome to meet you. Forensice Scienve is definitley an interesting major, I took a Forensics class a while ago and it is probably one of the more interesting subjects to learn about. Welcome!